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A website is a major marketing tool for your business. It should provide information that fulfills the immediate needs of your site visitors and then allow them to delve more deeply into your products services and company culture. If your website functions well and if your visitors are able to navigate around the site to find what they need their visit will be successful and they will be willing to return. If they are unable to find what they are looking for or are frustrated because the site does not display properly on the device they are using, they will quickly leave the site never to return again.

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What are conversions in Google Analytics?

You have set up your website, you’re tracking visitation statistics through Google Analytics, and you are performing monthly reports on how much traffic has either increased or decreased over the course of a couple of months. Perhaps you are tracking keywords and implementing SEO tactics into your website to both increase your rankings and generate more traffic or to generate more revenue for your business once a visitor has visited. For example, you’ve set up a call-to-action button to encourage your visitors to purchase a new product online.

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The typical tools for monitoring your websites success online are Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Bing Web Master tools and various 3rd party applications that help to show how many backlinks your website has and what your current rankings are in Google, Bing or Yahoo!

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What search engine are my customers using?

Each search engine is not identical. Different demographics seem to be using different search engines. To further develop your SEO strategy, having knowledge of who is using each search engine will help you decide where you can focus more of your efforts making your SEO endeavor most successful for the type of business you are trying to attract.


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When I am hungry and looking forward to evening out with friends or family at a local restaurant, I typically go online to scout out my evening’s destination. What food I plan on ordering, the hours of operations and any specials or events that may be happening on a given night are key factors in influencing my choice of restaurant.

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